Need help creating that organized space you've been dreaming of? Charlotte Seefeldt's Profressional Organizing Services can help you tackle your clutter and help you organize your space.

Professional Organizing

At UnPacking Story, I help women like you create their external space to serve them and help function at a higher level. We create time management and organizational systems that are fun and easily implemented to make life no longer seem overwhelming. If it can be imagined, it can be created. So I work together with you to understand how your life works and what you need, and after a collaborative discussion, help you to implement so we can completely transform your home and your life for you. Some people like to do it themselves and others just can not be bothered because time to organize is taking away from where they really need or want to be. I love helping others to create a new story and enable them to use their space to serve them on the path to making their dreams come true through my professional organizing services.

Ask yourself, “Do I need a professional organizer?”

Is your heart racing at the sight of the tornado that hit your office?


At the end of the day are only 2 of your 10 action items checked off?


Do you ever forget to pick up or drop off a child?


Are you Downsizing or Upsizing your home?


Are you not sure what to do with loved ones belongings in a time of grief?


Do you find yourself looking for items even though you saw them last week?


Are you frazzled by ADHD or sensory issues?


Do you know structure is the only answer to your issues?

If you answered yes to any of these, you would benefit from allowing me to serve you!

I began my training as a professional organizer when I woke up one day and my dream world was shattered. Due to financial issues, I had to put my beautiful 10,000 square foot dream home on the market. The realtor said I had too much stuff what she meant was all she could see was clutter. I sat lost and confused. I had been working with a professional organizer for years, and until that moment I never realized the importance of being serious about a project and taking it to completion. At that moment when I needed a calm, firm hand to help me through the panic and chaos, I committed to learning to help women unpack their surroundings and create a space that serves them and their loved ones. I love helping others to create a new story and enable them to use their space to serve them on the path to making their dreams come true.

What Does a Professional Organizer Do?

  • Organized paper flow
  • Time management
  • Productive efficient office space
  • Family organization & structure
  • Electronic communication efficiency
  • Organize physical space: kitchen, living area, closets, garages, etc.
  • Clear path to down size, up size, & declutter your home


My Organizational Methodology

I chose to learn the Clear & Simple process because I felt their method was the most efficient. First, we will look at where you are today. Then, we will look at where you want to go, and finally, we will take action. The action method we use is S.T.A.C.K.S™ which stands for sort, toss, assign, contain, keep it up, and simplify.

Ways to Work with Me

Work with Charlotte to help you UnPack your story and declutter your space through her Strategy Session, part of her professional organizing services.

A Strategy Session is where we sit down and really uncover what you need to help create a supportive environment and I create a personalized blueprint for you.

Work with Charlotte to focus on a specific room in your home to declutter and organize your space through her One-Room Detox package, part of her professional organizing services.

Start with a call with me, and we create your desired room. Then you will be given daily prompts and accountability to help you take action and achieve the room you desire and yearn for. Finally we will follow up with another call to decide the next space to conquer and systems for your continued success.

Work with Charlotte on an hourly basis to help you unpack your space through her hourly package, part of her professional organizing services.

Work with me on an hourly basis to complete a specific task.

The next step though is shifting your mindset so the pattern does not repeat itself. Starting to eliminate clutter can be very difficult. It takes someone who is not emotionally invested in the chaos. So, let’s get started to unpack your space and create a new, clear path that allows you to reach your dreams faster.

Behind the Scenes of Packing and UnPacking!  Look familiar?

Ready to Get Organized?

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