Charlotte Seefeldt can help you unpack your story and create systems for your photos through her photo organization services.

Photo Organizing

During my training to become a professional organizer, I realized I had a passion for photo organization. Preserving history through photography is a valuable tool that so many of us take for granted. My passion for heritage started when my mother began researching ancestry. I have at least seven Revolutionary soldiers in my bloodline, one of them being a woman. I became involved with Daughters of the American Revolution and several other ancestral societies. My love of history and photography and helping others merged into my photo organizing journey.
I want to help you preserve your precious memories and family history by working with you to develop effective techniques for organizing, protecting, and displaying your photos. In a time when we can snap thousands of pictures in a matter of minutes, photo preservation and organization is more important than ever.I want to help you like I helped my myself. After my father passed away, I stopped by to check in on my mother. She had a trash bag full of papers and I looked inside and saw cards and photos everywhere. I asked her why she was throwing it all away. In her grief, she could not see the value that these photos from my father’s side of the family could bring as her pain was so raw. What if I had not stopped by that day and saved those heartfelt memories?  In one I found a postcard from my grandmother to my grandfather before they were ever married. No one ever expects to loose photo either by misplacement, fire, or water damage. Plan ahead.


What Does a Photo Organizer Do?

  • Saves old photos, film, slides to digital format
  • Organizes and creates filing systems that work for you
  • Trains you on how to keep up with the photos
  • Sets up offsite and multiple storage options for your photos

I want to help you leave a legacy to be handed down in order to tell your story to generations to come. Let me help you unpack what’s already there and create a family story that you can share.

Ask yourself, “Do I need a photo organizer?”

Do you have thousands of photos on smartphones that have never been seen or shared?

Do you wish you had photos to share with you family?

Have you been missing photos after a loved one’s passing?

Did you lose all your photos in a computer crash?

Do you have an idea of where to find your favorite photos?

Have you lost photos in a natural disaster or accident?

If your computer and phone has thousands of photos you need to figure out a way to off-load and clean up. If you answered yes to any of these questions, you would benefit from allowing me to serve you.

Photo Explosion?

Click, Click, and more Clicks learn how to manage your photo’s in 5 easy steps.

Does this look familiar?

 My Photo Organizational Methodology

My approach to photo organization includes getting rid of duplicates, identifying a timeline of photos, saving them digitally, offsite storage and creating a way for you to view and share your precious memories. Let’s get started today!

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