UnPack your story and conquer your fears with Charlotte Seefeldt's coaching and professional organization services.

Creative Services

I am here to help you spread your wings and transform your internal and external wold. Together, we can UnPack where you are in this moment and the story that is no longer serving you and create Magic through my coaching and professional organization services. We can focus on what would bring more Joy into your life.


Thee are 3 ways in which I can serve you

Charlotte Seefeldt offers transformational coaching and professional organization services to help you conquer your fears and living the life of your dreams.

Transformational Coaching helps you find where you want to go, build support around you, and create a winnable game to play to let you live in that wold you have envisioned in your dreams.

Charlotte Seefeldt offers Profressional Organizing packages within her coaching and professional organization services. Explore her packages to help you create the space you've been dreaming of for yourself.

Professional Organizing helps you to create supportive spaces, systems to give you more time, or to just simply release what no longer is needed in the person you are today or are wishing to create.

Charlotte Seefeldt offers Photo Organizing packages to help create a system for your photos to organize your physical and digital photos within her coaching and professional organizing services.

In our new digital society, we take in thousands of images daily and most of us are tying to capture them so we are in overload. With Photo Organizing,  I help you create a system that woks for you on labeling, storing, and sharing those fabulous moments in time. We also look at making sure you have systems to preserve them for loss by some unthinkable act like flood, fire, or computers crashing. Last but not least, is taking all the old photos of your family and turning them into beautiful books or files labeled Loving Legacy.

I am here to serve.


Are you ready to shift and stretch yourself to create magical results for you?

Work with Charlotte Seefeldt to create the life you've always wanted for yourself through her coaching and professional organization services.

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