Get in motion and create your success! Take a look at some of Charlotte Seefeldt's client success stories and learn how she can help you conquer your fears and live your dreams.

Are you ready to create your success? Ready to filter out the noise of the outside world and focus in on creating systems and processes to help get your life in tune with your surroundings? To help you focus in on your lost dreams and take action to conquer? Conquering can be so fearful at times but with support the shift becomes so much easier so join me as others have done and UnPack your Internal or External Space and live your heartfelt desires. Let’s take a look at some of my client’s success stories.

I was challenged by a coach to reach out in my community with clients and others and ask what is one word that describes me.  With much love and gratitude, here are the words I received back:

Hear what other's have said about me. Discover some of Charlotte's client success stories.



“Coaching with Charlotte keeps one focused on your path and held accountable to keep you moving forward!”

Ms. Procrastinator

“Charlotte helped me clear my office of clutter so that I could have more creativity, focus, and space for prosperity to enter. I actually wanted to go into my office!”

Clutter Queen

“A VIP Day helps you unravel the path you really want to be on and figure out how to move toward your dream as fast and easily as possible.”

Deep Diver

“The feeling of chaos and overwhelm was lifted after working to create systems in my home and a functioning calendar for the family.”

Whirling Windstorm

My Journey to Courageously Conquering

I have walked miles in my high heels and like you I work hard at making sure my life is as balanced and full of abundance as it can be. The way I have found the most success is to surround myself with like-minded women, accountability partners and great coaches. Yes, coaches know the value of coaches and seek out different ones for different paths they are on like business, health & wellness, branding, boundaries, video, transformation, and the biggest: accountability. This is why I am the perfect coach for you as I have not only been trained by the best, but I have sought the best coaches in the world for my journey.

Take a look at some of Charlotte Seefeldt's client success stories and how she's helped them conquer their fears and live their dreams.

Coaching & Being Coached! 

Work with Me

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