Meet Charlotte Seefeldt. Your transformational coach, professional organizer, and photo organization expert.

Meet Charlotte

Hello! I am Charlotte, a transformational coach. On most days, I am an empowered woman that strives to help women like you unpack their life story in order to uncover where you’d like to go. Together, I work hand-in-hand to create a clear vision that women can use to start writing a new story without internal or external chaos or overwhelm. They can get unpacking the story that does not serve them and find their hidden or disregarded dreams. I am a woman who has been through many struggles along life’s way. Like you, I have been confused about where to go from time to time. I have carried baggage and traveled a long path to personal growth. I made it just like you can by letting go of the old baggage and setting a clear path to your next journey in life.

Greatest Accomplishment

Thus far, my greatest accomplishments have been my beautifully loving, adventuresome, and bright children, Nathaniel and McKenzie. We call home Atlanta, Georgia, but we are explorers of the world. Our favorite thing to do is plan and execute our next great adventure. Our family goal is to travel to every state in the U.S. by the time they graduate from high school, and visit many other countries as we can.

That’s lots of packing and unpacking!


I was born into a southern middle class family in central Florida where women from my family were not educated beyond high school. In my grandmothers lives their greatest desire as a women was to get out of working in the hot fields. By receiving my bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Wayne State it allowed me to break the chains that had bound my matriarchal ancestors for centuries and create a path for future generations. Later I decided to get training as a coach and professional organizer. Some of the best training I had along my journey was through trainers in corporate America and the school of hard knocks.

Corporate America

My story with corporate America started in real estate in Florida working for developers and then I moved into technology with Lucent Technologies, Avaya, Bellsouth, and many more living a dream making that sought after six-figure mark. Hanging on to the story that I was only as good as the last sale, never good enough or feeling complete. I can tell you there is a way to live a balanced life, but it takes work, compromise, acceptance, and learning what abundance really means to you.

The Fall of the Picket Fence

After climbing that corporate ladder I married at 43, had 7 IVF’s and had my blessed children late in life. I got the white picket fence, 9 bedroom house, two kids, animals and yet I woke up feeling something was not quite as it should be. Then, my world came crashing down around me, and the lessons I learned were valuable to allow me to help other women navigate through difficult situations. The biggest lesson I learned is the importance of an action plan, mindset, support, and accountability in moving your life forward. If you are in need of someone to help you navigate through a loss of a loved one, divorce, discontentment in business or life, I am the coach for you. 

Empowerment & Service

Because I was fortunate enough to find empowerment through my journey, I am continually working to help other women have those same types of empowering experiences. My biggest passion is working to help end violence against women and children by teaching them to use their own words and actions as a tool to transform their world. Giving of your time, treasure, and talents is something I feel strongly about. Did you know more women donate than their men counterparts? These organizations are the ones I feel strongly about: 1 Billion Rising, Posts for Peace and Justice, United Nations 17 Initiatives, Captain Planet Foundation, historic preservations through Daughters of the American Revolution, King Center, Chattahoochee River Keepers, and Sandy Springs Society.

Details about my professional training and certifications can be found as you explore the different services I provide:

Transformational Coaching, General Organizing, Photo Organizing.