UnPacking Story offers coaching and professional organization services with Charlotte Seefeldt to help you conquer your fears and create a life for yourself that you love.


Hello! I am Charlotte.

Have you been juggling so many things that you are struggling to keep all the balls in the air? Do your day to day responsibilities overwhelm you? Do you feel like there are never enough hours in the day?

Or maybe you’re buried in clutter and chaos thinking things like: “How did we accumulate so much stuff? How did we get so unorganized? Why can’t I ever find anything?”

Is there a calling that you have been ignoring because you can’t imagine how you’d make it happen? Have you sacrificed your passions in order to meet the needs of others?

Do you know you need a change, but aren’t sure where to start?

Let Charlotte help you unpack your story and help you make massive changes to creating the life you love through her coaching and professional organization services.

Let the empowered, radiant

woman in you shine bright! 

Stress and disorganization can attack our lives in several different ways. I developed UnPacking Story because I found my own self carrying too much baggage that kept me from truly experiencing joy and feeling whole within. I want to help you meet your needs and assist in your transformation through my coaching and professional organization services. I specialize in transformational coaching, personal organization, photo organization, and helping you appreciate the abundance that is in your life.

Which area is most valuable to you?

I know ME to all of them. Explore my coaching and professional organization services.

Lost your direction? Feeling overwhelmed?

It’s time to unpack your internal or external space.

Let’s rewrite your story to make your dreams come true!